Obviously any pictorial pomp and ceremony is somewhat stymied by the loss of the pictures file server. The lack of any written fireworks I’m afraid is entirely my jurisdiction. However my blog is 3 years old today. I written 502 entries, most of which have seen the light of day. Thanks for those who stick with it and comment where appropriate, I do appreciate it and it does spur me into action. Thirteen of you hardy souls even retain your place on the mailing list, mad mad fools that you are, there’s a drink in it one day for you!

I have tried to write something more comprehensive because there are things out there that I need to say and in time I will do so, Saddam’s execution has not passed me by, neither has the failure of the US and UK government to even offer a coherent strategy on Iraq. There’s a lot out there, I leave it in your hands for the moment, lambast it well until such time as my bile returns with a vengeance.

Song Of The Day ~ The Smiths – Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

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Lynne made this comment,
Happy BlogBurp you 😉
comment added :: 19th January 2007, 02:23 GMT+01
durruti made this comment,
Belated congrats Mr. Baron, here’s to many more 😉
comment added :: 11th February 2007, 16:54 GMT+01 :: http://loveandrage.org.uk/
Rosie made this comment,
These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.
comment added :: 7th May 2007, 10:17 GMT+01 :: http://www.internetmuetze.de