Welcome Comrades
I was, once upon a time a fervent Blog-City fan, but they appear to have gone commercial and as they have done so the Mac support side seems to have diminished, I have many difficulties in posting and leaving comments there. This is a shame as I was a resident of the city for over 3 years and I always found the interface and the ability to customise one’s blog fairly intuitive. I know that there decision to ditch Safari is based on there experiences trying to support it but unfortunately I use Safari and since there are blog sites that I can use I would rather use them than have to get to know a whole new browser that I then have to worry about security updates for.

Hey ho, I will just have to get my head around this way, at least it is free gratis and for nothing. Big John uses it and he seems to manage ok so I have followed him somewhat belatedly here after reading favourable reports in the Mac World article that looked into blog sites on a Mac.

It will take me some time to fluff the pillows up right and adjust all the pictures correctly until I am happy with my new home. I hope that some of my old friends will still come and visit and stay for a cuppa and I hope in turn some new people may drop by too.

Cheers for your time.