I have been a Blog-City resident for 3 years and I have enjoyed my time. Being a Mac user I’ve always perhaps been in the slightly less fashionable suburb, the buses don’t run quite as often and the supermarket is a Morrisons rather than a Waitrose! But hey I’m no nouveau riche fecker, I liked my place and felt at home, there has of late tho’ been considerable moving afoot and the suburb has been taken over by developers with their idea for shiny tower blocks and leisure centres. I have no intrinsic problem with their particular plans but they are going to obstruct my view and and all the works will probably make my ramshackle house fall down, so I have decided to uproot to a new home where I am led to believe we fuddy-duddy residents with our Mac and Apple Safari decorated houses are still both welcome and part of future development.

I am not going to shit in my former nest that is not the intention of this post, I have had a lot of help and support from the Blog-City staff and I hope I’ve been able to give something back. If it were it only that Safari is not part of the plans I would probably have bitten the bullet and stayed and switched to Firefox or at least tried to mess around with the debug to spoof the user agent a little more to masquerade as Firefox within Safari, but losing the free blog as well and the custom portlets meant I was going to have to pay to effectively start again, and firstly I can’t at present guarantee to use the facility enough to justify the outlay and secondly if I’m going to start again I might just as well do it for free. I’ve met many good bloggers here, had some good discussions and some vitriolic moments and that’s the way it should be.

I am under no illusions, to leave a site that has been going for over 3 years, acheived around 450,000 hits and 1450+ comments not to mention being linked to by many kindly souls is a risky move after all that linking may yield but one new person a month but that’s a person that may comment which may in turn lead to sparking me off on something, thus I may return to consderably more obscurity. But perhaps that may get me back to what I was actually here to do and focus my attentions on the writing and the activism.

I hope you’ll update your bookmarks, my thanks to the 12 people still on my mailing list, your presence has always been something of a beacon to tell me that are those out there that are still interested in what I have to say. That is immensely rewarding and motivating, even if it has not always manifested itself into actual entries.

I have gone to WordPress because of its good reports in the Mac tests and it means I can be reactionary and stick with Safari! I recognise that my ability therewith to influence things in terms of the actual blog direction is gone, but, in truth I no longer really have time for that, work is getting consistently more and more busy and it’s all I can do to keep the bloody writing going.

For those who wish to come with me you will find the new place HERE. I haven’t transfered the entries over I’ve no idea if it’s possible but my blog backup doesn’t seem to work anyway, but I am in the process of coying and pasting and keeping everything for my own archive, I appreciate the time many of you have taken in leaving comments and I’d like to save them, just as I’d like to save all the writing I did.

I will, in time get used to the new place, I want blogging to remain very much part of life the way it used to be 3 years ago when I wrote regularly and extensively. I’ve got Big John just along the hall and he looks in now and again to check how the decorating is going, and I’ll still make it my life’s work to coax Comrade Sunshine out of self-imposed hermitage!

Song Of The Day ~The Doors – The End

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kevin g made this comment,
I have to admit, it’s good seeing you back in action, but I wish I was mentioned somewhere, as I’ve subscribed to your blog for months, though I waited with baited breath for new entries!
I wish you the best of luck, where ever you go, and will make sure to keep checking out your new entries!

A Door’s connection, listening to “Lips Like Sugar” by Echo & The Bunnymen, and Ray Manzarek appeared on this, and they also did a cover of “Soul Kitchen!”

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