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Your Score: Anarchist!

Holy Shit! You scored 209!

See, I told you you could do it. The state is a crutch of those with a weak mind/heart, but it’s not for you, that’s for damn sure. You already know that structurelessness starts out chaotic but returns to a state of normalcy and order naturally, so I don’t need to explain that to you. Go forth, libertarian socialist, equalist, anarchist, and spread the good news of true freedom.

Link: The Are You An Anarchist Test written by panarchistx
You scored as Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-communists seek to build a society based upon a decentralised federation of autonomous communes and a moneyless ‘gift economy’. The movement first emerged in the late 19th century and has had a large influence particularly in Spain, Italy and Russia. Key thikers include Peter Kropotkin and Errico Malatesta.









Christian Anarchist




What kind of Anarchist are you?
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You scored as Communist, You are a great person and you fight for real justice. You are a true comrade. We truly are friends.













Communist, Fascists, or Other?
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Hurrah! I feel pleased, I made it past 30 and far from watering down my politics it appears to have made me all the more rabidly left-wing, which personally I see as a good thing, after all Uncle Karl didn’t go all capitalist pig-dog in his old age did he?! There are a couple of things that are left to iron out, like that very worrying 13% capitalist in the last test, it’s a cancer and must be cut out! And what the hell is an Anarcho-Capitalist, how the feck does that work?

Song Of The Day ~ Martha Wainwright – Bloody Mother-Fucking Asshole

One Over The Eight

The evil Sin has tagged me, the gobsite, and I thought he liked me!

The rules are as follows:

each player lists 8 facts about themselves, the rules of the game appear before the facts do the player ends by tagging 8 people, which means listing their names and then going to their blogs to tell them that they’ve been tagged, then going back and commenting on their lists.

  • I am to be a best man for the first time in 2009 (I have twice been an usher, though I have a habit of being either intercontinental or in hospital when people get married!), it is scarcely credible just how honoured I am!
  • I was pronounced ESN (Educationally Sub-Normal) aged 7. The educational psychologist my Mother brought in for a second opinion said I was most likely bored, probably dyslexic and that my memory was significantly cleverer than I was!
  • I have been told at various points in my life that I am dyslexic, bi-polar and obsessive compulsive, I have always been a little reticent to do anything about it because I am also very lazy!
  • The taste of tomato makes me honk, I can for some reason eat it as a base for italian food provided it is pureed but chunks of it and I’m blowing chunks. People ask me how can I possibly live without tomato. I usually tell these fuckwits that it is surprising how quickly you find a way when the alternative is to reacquaint yourself with your dinner some moments later.
  • I panic when things flap around my face. I was kept hostage in my living room last Summer for 4 hours by an errant bat, my Mother, between her guffaws, told me it was probably more scared than I was, both the bat and I managed to control our urge to shit on the carpet! “It can’t hit you it has sonar!” “Yeah Ma and it’s sonar was so bloody good it flew into my fecking flat!”
  • For nearly a year when I was 20 I worked as a lumberjack. I did not wear women’s clothing, but I did hang around in bars!
  • I am an atheist but I have lived with a ghost, it made noises, I thought it was a burglar and called the police and fecked off to me best mate’s for the night. The Plod shat themselves but didn’t find anything. After that I just talked to it. It wasn’t much of a conversationalist but never did me any harm.
  • I have occasionally had things published, the highest profile of which being a thoroughly riveting article on the Eschede train crash in Germany and its implications for risk management, for a globally-distributed insurance publication. However I have never been paid for something I have written and consequently cannot claim to be a professional writer.

I shall now besmirch my good name by tagging:

Big John
Sister Spikey Mace
Bob Red

Song Of The Day ~ The Bravery – Believe

The Fallen

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more unto the breach
We sally forth to life again, our children for to teach

Regard the fallen friends we have, regard their faces well,
The friends not coming with us further, no more tales to tell
Their bodies strewn like corpses round us, memories of times
When we thought they’d be there for us, afore the bell had chimed

We see the hard way how it works, the pain of all the loss
Of people caught by circumstance and those that didn’t give a toss
When time comes to go into fight, to leave the trench, attack
You find the number dwindling of those who have your back

Choose your comrades well my friends, nurture them from the start
They’re ones who’ll take bullets for you, or a bayonet to the heart

Red Baron July 2007

In memory of those that died at Passchendaele 90 years ago, an homage to Siegfried Sassoon, and dedicated to a very very select few that have my back.

Song Of The Day ~ The Bees – These Are The Ghosts