Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more unto the breach
We sally forth to life again, our children for to teach

Regard the fallen friends we have, regard their faces well,
The friends not coming with us further, no more tales to tell
Their bodies strewn like corpses round us, memories of times
When we thought they’d be there for us, afore the bell had chimed

We see the hard way how it works, the pain of all the loss
Of people caught by circumstance and those that didn’t give a toss
When time comes to go into fight, to leave the trench, attack
You find the number dwindling of those who have your back

Choose your comrades well my friends, nurture them from the start
They’re ones who’ll take bullets for you, or a bayonet to the heart

Red Baron July 2007

In memory of those that died at Passchendaele 90 years ago, an homage to Siegfried Sassoon, and dedicated to a very very select few that have my back.

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