It’s a simple idea that I got from a band I’m going to see play shortly, you can see The Duke Spirit‘s alphabet, if the server is up. Sometimes it’s nice to have something that focuses your thinking on important things it’s an interesting method of reflection. You are of course welcome to try it for yourself. Oh and yes the photo is one of mine, so yes it was in a way just to show it off ‘cos I was chuffed with it!

  • A – Theodore Adorno, Apple, Art Deco, Anarchy,
  • B – Berlin, Georg Büchner, Bertold Brecht, Baby Blue, Blogging, Black & White, Borsalino, Bacon sandwich, Beach, Beer, Das Boot, Beach, Battersea Power Station, Bi-Polar Disorder
  • C – Chelsea, Children, Noam Chomsky, Canon, Michael Caine, John Coltrane, Cyrillic, Cassandre, Communist Manifesto
  • D – Ian Dury, Bob Dylan, Dad, Demo, Charles Dickens, Depression, DDR
  • E – Elm Park Mansions, Every one a winner,
  • F – Fionnula, Fulham, Fedora hat, Father Ted, Fisheye lens, Forest, Football Manager,
  • G – Germany, Goodbye Lenin, Grass,
  • H – ETA Hoffman, Bill Hicks, L’Homme du Train, John Humphrys, Hammer & Sickle
  • I – Ireland, Interrail, Ipcress File, Indie, Isambard Kingdom Brunel,
  • J – Jasper, Matt Johnson,
  • K – King’s Road, Wassily Kandinsky, Kernow, Kilkenny City,
  • L – Led Zeppelin, John Le Carré, Lemon Sole, Language, Harold Lloyd, Luvly Jubly, Love
  • M – Mother, Marx, Minolta, Charles Rennie MacIntosh, ‘My Old School’ (this refers to the song not literally my school), Mr Benn, Miner’s Strike, Myspace, Maeve (Queen of the Faeries)
  • N – Nostalgia, Night Owl,
  • O – Oxford, Oliver Postgate,
  • P – Pink Floyd, John Pilger, Photo, Prague, Politics, Praktica, Pale Rider ale, 
  • Q – Quintessential, Questions
  • R – Red Baron, Rimbault, Ragtime, Rock
  • S – Sepia, Sunset, Snow, Summer Rain, Socialism, Steam, Sausages, Sea, Sarcasm, Shiraz, Scala, Shoegaze
  • T – The The, Thai Green Curry, Trench coat, Trees, Trips down memory lane, Tipperary
  • U – U2, Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov,
  • V – What the Victorians did for us,
  • W – Wim Wenders, Wax, Writing,
  • X – eXtremely difficult to think of anything for X other than Xylophone or X-Ray neither of which I have had much to do with of late.
  • Y – You, The Yacht Inn Penzance,
  • Z – Bahnhoff Zoo, Zoom Lens,

Anyone mentions Freud they’ll get a punch up the bracket! (*And yes the photo is a shameless piece of self-publicity!)

Song Of The Day ~ Kingmaker – Armchair Anarchist