Political Compass Score 2008

I’ve done the Political Compass a couple of times before, I like to return to it as it’s been some years since I first did it and it’s interesting to chart whether or not one’s perception has changed over time.  I thought this time as I read through the questions that perhaps I was becoming a little more authoritarian if not any less economically left.  Both Longrider and Big John have done the compass this month so it prompted me to do it again.  And I’ve barely moved, my economic score is I believe consistent every time, whilst I believe I’m back to my more Libertarian principles having strayed to an Authoritarian -7.69 last time!  Strangely there don’t appear to be any ‘famous’ figures in my section of the graph, it’s a bit lonely down there.

And no I don’t manipulate my answers, what would be the point, nor do I remember the questions – if I had suddenly become right-wing in my old age, I just wouldn’t tell anyone!

That being said having now just posted this I am awaiting a visit from MI5 and perhaps a nice orange jumpsuit for my trouble!

Song Of The Day ~ The Wombats – Moving To New York