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Are you surprised that in the deplacement of an entire population
some see terrorism as method in the venting of frustration
that if you bomb their fields it’ll lead to mass starvation
and fundamentalism rises where there’s no means of education

You may replace the indigenous by a fabricated state
but then watch as the decades entrench the policies of hate
whilst contracts for rebuilding are served up on a plate
but future structure for the people is going to have to wait

illegal settlements see no habitation fall
and the irony of “peace” for how they named that fucking wall
the international community doesn’t give a shit at all
for the IMF and World Bank are not at poverty’s beckon call

It’s a clash of civilisation, so they would have us believe
but no-one asks when the nukes from Tel Aviv will leave
nor how many more parents will their dead children grieve
for tanks and a full-time army are e’er a match for RPGs

will you stand for those who have no voice out there in Holy Land
will you offer them at very least a firm committed hand
will you speak of the use of phosphorus that legally is banned
or will you let the Zionists keep burying them in sand

Song Of The Day ~ The Social – UK Gothic

Football’s about money
and not the game at all
pretty soon it’s academic
if they ever kick a ball

Russian billionaires
launder funds through wealthy teams
and supporters see new signings
like the coming of their dreams

but this isn’t entertainment
and it isn’t for the fans
and putting smiles on youngsters faces
is not the zenith of their plans

as the bread line gains each day
ever more recruits
so the game is being raped
by the men in fancy suits

the sums that they are paying
would build hospitals and schools
but the profanity of this
is they’re not breaking any rules

is it right to pay admission
to watch such a sordid game
and so to line the pockets
for those who only care for fame

is not the true supporter
one who spends their hard-earned cash
on the supper for their children
not prima donnas on the lash

but the money isn’t wed
to Man U or Liverpool
and if you think they care for Britain
then you surely are a fool

Song Of The Day ~ Stereophonics – A Thousand Trees

Money doesn’t grow on trees
yet it seems to do for banks
and the coffers overflow when it comes
to submarines and tanks

nuclear deterrent
the supposed death of classes
one wonders if the people
will ever get up off their arses

final salary pensions now
a relic of the past
and it isn’t clear at all
how long the NHS will last

house prices over precipice
inexorable rise in rents
pretty soon it ain’t the campers
who’ll be living out of tents

the lottery seduces
with the tag “It could be you”
whilst punitive taxes
serve but to turn the screw

can alternative systems
really be so bloody worse
when we’ve boxed up civil liberties
and manuflected at its hearse

where now the fear of chaos
what comfort are your Gods
whose books are full of platitudes
for malleable sods

the consent is manufactured
the narcosis fed by drip
and freedom’s only realised
when the body bag is zipped

It’s time to shuffle off the yoke
before this mortal coil
and show that people are not pawns
in chess games played for oil

Song Of The Day ~ The The – Jealous Of Youth

Cruel Britannia

We slide headlong to recession
voyeurs of social oppression
watching politics trangression
have none the stomach to fight back

as they pass laws that oppress
leave the healthcare in a mess
the balance of wealth they’ll not redress
but receive precious little flack

education becomes training
and it’s acid that its raining
why are none of you complaining
is it not time to attack

do you think you’ll have a pension
at the end of fiscal tension
do you think they’ll even mention
when they stab you in the back

watch it disappear at your cost
and when you realise what you’ve lost
on the scrapheap you’ll be tossed
in their cutting of the slack

I’m no soothsayer or a sage
it’s just clear on every page
the destruction of this age
Time to don the cloak of black

Song Of The Day ~ Editors – The Racing Rats