We slide headlong to recession
voyeurs of social oppression
watching politics trangression
have none the stomach to fight back

as they pass laws that oppress
leave the healthcare in a mess
the balance of wealth they’ll not redress
but receive precious little flack

education becomes training
and it’s acid that its raining
why are none of you complaining
is it not time to attack

do you think you’ll have a pension
at the end of fiscal tension
do you think they’ll even mention
when they stab you in the back

watch it disappear at your cost
and when you realise what you’ve lost
on the scrapheap you’ll be tossed
in their cutting of the slack

I’m no soothsayer or a sage
it’s just clear on every page
the destruction of this age
Time to don the cloak of black

Song Of The Day ~ Editors – The Racing Rats