Football’s about money
and not the game at all
pretty soon it’s academic
if they ever kick a ball

Russian billionaires
launder funds through wealthy teams
and supporters see new signings
like the coming of their dreams

but this isn’t entertainment
and it isn’t for the fans
and putting smiles on youngsters faces
is not the zenith of their plans

as the bread line gains each day
ever more recruits
so the game is being raped
by the men in fancy suits

the sums that they are paying
would build hospitals and schools
but the profanity of this
is they’re not breaking any rules

is it right to pay admission
to watch such a sordid game
and so to line the pockets
for those who only care for fame

is not the true supporter
one who spends their hard-earned cash
on the supper for their children
not prima donnas on the lash

but the money isn’t wed
to Man U or Liverpool
and if you think they care for Britain
then you surely are a fool

Song Of The Day ~ Stereophonics – A Thousand Trees