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Rise Up

Do not dream your life away
do not sit at home waiting
in self-imposed purgatory
the dungeon of mundaneity
tomorrow will never come
and break the tedium of today
today must be fixed first
for tomorrow to seem worth making it to

the television like a visual rusk
all content broken down for toothless digestion
the world ticks on oblivious
you are supposed to conform
make a difference, get up and start
today can be the first day of the rest of your life
if you choose to let it be

speak to people, you are not alone
others feel the same and are as frightened
needing some sense of benign coaxing
to make them believe it is safe to come out.
and then there are ‘the great unknowing’
the mass of those too blinkered to see it
or too selfish to care
mental drones carrying the yoke of indifference

some are perhaps already lost,
their souls harvested by the Gods of consumerism
believing they have ever had a choice
others long to believe in an alternative
but the message of uniformity is too pervasive
and they are cowed and numb
too tired to struggle, too resigned to care
but only for now

they are waiting, waiting for you to rise
then lines will be drawn
sides will be taken, and all will feel alive
some for the first time, others for the last
some will fight for freedom and justice
others are too scared of those concepts
no matter the outcome
right prevails for having, at that moment, an army to defend it

Song Of The Day ~ U2 – Unknown Caller

They seek him here, they seek him there
Doncaster’s new, elected mayor
he wants to hide the nasty bits of his party beliefs
cos he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

And when he does his little rounds
of council offices in Doncaster town
telling people randomly he’ll cut out all their jobs
cos he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is)
He thinks he is a paragon of virtue
and when he’s interviewed and shown to be a proper twat
he feels a dedicated follower of fascism

Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is)
He plans to half his mayoral salary
but the rest of all his policies are all against the law
cos he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

They seek him here, they seek him there
the BNP and Tony Blair
everywhere the blazered brown shirt army marches on
each one a dedicated follower of fascism

Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is)
There’s one thing that he hates and that is foreigners
But one week it’s immigration and the next it’s ban Gay Pride
cos he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is)
He likes to come across as Mr Rational
but when confronted with the facts the toys are all thrown out the pram
cos he’s a dedicated follower of fascism
he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

(Profuse apologies to Ray Davies)

Song Of The Day ~ The Kinks – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

The Night Mail now flies over the border
and no-one writes cheques or a postal order
letters to the rich, letters to the poor
are scarcely written by hand any more
the Post Office itself faces privatisation
whilst the night trains sit empty in unmanned stations
and if you have luggage you’ll not find a porter
tho’ the motorway’s is gridlocked with lambs to the slaughter

the days are long gone of the romance of steam
where engine driver was every young boy’s dream
the great railways were victims of capitalist teaching
as the branch lines were axed by the butcher Beeching
in the 21st century a person’s assignations
are not even limited to their own nations
but written by email with smiley faces
and sent to their lovers in distant places

the planes break the peace of sleepy villages
bringing news of the bankers latest pillages
landing and take-off with deafening noise
not causing the smiles of starry-eyed boys
no posters of wonder of coastal resorts
no heed taken to environmental reports

the receivers of mail do not feel any pain
that their utility bills are not brought by the train
but scowling and sleepy rip open the post
and clutching the contents recycle the most
almost all have forgotten that a personal letter
can start the morning off so much better

When dawn freshens the plane’s are down
to faceless depots they’ve descended
Towards the retail parks at the sanitised parts of town
Towards the fields of disused factories and derelict works
set on the dark plain like giant sarcophagi
None of Scotland waits for them
Men and women are more worried about their jobs
than they are about news.

Letters of thanks, letters from banks
letters of spam for woman and man
receipted bills and some citations
of banking scams from bogus relations
and applications for situations
and debt collectors’ declarations
and recession, recession from all the nations
News subjective, right-wing invective
incessant jingles from Compare The Market
Statements and rumours about how Jacko carked it
Nigerian bank accounts from “Great Uncles” or “Aunts”
and fake lotto wins from Holland or France
most people are more interested in celebrity Twitter
as the economy rapidly goes right down the shitter
the junk mail comes printed in every hue
whilst the once glorious forests dwindle to few

the fatty, the smoker, coughing and snoring
who may soon be denied medical care without warning
viagra, vicodin, enlarge your equipment
we’ll save you £s on your next codeine shipment

Thousands are still asleep
dreaming of terrifying monsters
or of paid-off overdrafts, mortgages or shopping sprees
asleep in gangland Glasgow, asleep in drug-ridden Edinburgh
asleep in depressed Aberdeen
they continue their nightmares
and shall wake soon and long for companionship
and none will hear the computer’s bleep
without a quickening of the heart
For who can bear to risk a computer virus?

Song Of The Day ~ Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground

16 Observations

It remains a mystery to me
why anyone votes for BNP
as if Tories aren’t enough
with all their neo-fascist guff
and UKIP (the BNP in suits)
with their pseudo Anglo-Saxon roots
and now we have the England First
one can’t avoid but fear the worst
and Labour now move further right
than even Thatcher hoped they might
the Liberals ever on the fence
preaching to bourgeois “common sense”
Respect has no more unity
than a party whose only member’s me
the Greens who fail to comprehend
the money men have but one end

but no current change in government
will make those bastards represent
if voting made a change you see
they’d never entrust it to you and to me
they’re quite content just to line their pockets
whilst spending our taxes on ballistic rockets
and when we do run out of oil
what will we grow in poisoned soil
greenhouse effect and acid rain
more cheaper flights and far less trains
which government do you think it’ll be
that’ll make us pay for our A&E?
not to mention the age extensions
before we may hope to claim our pensions
so you can either sit scratching your arse
or try stopping this shit before it comes to pass

Song Of The Day ~ Don Thomas – Come On Train

Rotor Blades

Police helicopter snarls and roars
breaks the stillness of the night
the searchlight beam that pans the streets
picks out those who took to flight

do we know for whom they seek here
do we care about their fate
do we presume it’s lawless fools
that destroy our peace when it’s so late

Are we sated by the CCTV
that is ever present here
do we really believe only the bad
are the ones who have to fear?

Do you think that 40 days
is acceptable incarceration
for those deemed public enemies
without charge or explanation

or do you cling to fragile tenets
that you’ve not done any wrong
and that your passport will satisfy them
should they ask you to come along

regard those who before you
have felt such confidence
that it shouldn’t take too long
for them to prove their innocence

but you don’t have to be guilty
to constitute a threat
perhaps ‘cause of what you’re reading
or the people you have met

the helicopter passes now
wasn’t you that they were after
go back now to your TV drama or
sitcoms artificial laughter.

Song Of The Day ~ Mazzy Star – Into Dust

Dark Horizons

It is easy to dissent when the danger is in the shadows
when the consequences are not looking you in the face
they watch you now from behind desks and computer screens
and make their notes in secret without public trace

this is an uneasy period of silent menace
a time of looking at the grey clouds in the sky
the knowledge that there may be greater darkness yet to follow
that may be precipitated within the twinkling of an eye

I cannot say I will be brave if they should come for me
I cannot promise not to buckle under stress or pain
I can only hope that courage will be looked on as having got me there
and that the courage of others might help get me out again

But I would rather live in fear and be able to look myself in the mirror
than be ignorant of what this world is doing to the people who walk the street
and as I sit in comfort as many thousand others
blessed by birth not to be one of those millions who have nought to eat

the age is coming where we will be defined by actions
and we shall see who chooses to stand up and fight
but I suspect the Western world is populated by far too many
who think that they will not be woken by them coming in the night

it seems far-fetched to believe such horror could be just around the corner
we are used to reading such atrocities in the annals of the history books
but ask yourself now were you one of the dreaded asylum seekers
whether you might not receive those same historical dirty looks

Sleep well my friends and think not who has their finger on the button
dwell not upon those in darkened corridors who pull the strings
but keep perhaps in mind to be careful what you say in conversation
for will you really know who’s listening next time the phone rings?

Song Of The Day ~ The Wedding Present – Brassneck