It is easy to dissent when the danger is in the shadows
when the consequences are not looking you in the face
they watch you now from behind desks and computer screens
and make their notes in secret without public trace

this is an uneasy period of silent menace
a time of looking at the grey clouds in the sky
the knowledge that there may be greater darkness yet to follow
that may be precipitated within the twinkling of an eye

I cannot say I will be brave if they should come for me
I cannot promise not to buckle under stress or pain
I can only hope that courage will be looked on as having got me there
and that the courage of others might help get me out again

But I would rather live in fear and be able to look myself in the mirror
than be ignorant of what this world is doing to the people who walk the street
and as I sit in comfort as many thousand others
blessed by birth not to be one of those millions who have nought to eat

the age is coming where we will be defined by actions
and we shall see who chooses to stand up and fight
but I suspect the Western world is populated by far too many
who think that they will not be woken by them coming in the night

it seems far-fetched to believe such horror could be just around the corner
we are used to reading such atrocities in the annals of the history books
but ask yourself now were you one of the dreaded asylum seekers
whether you might not receive those same historical dirty looks

Sleep well my friends and think not who has their finger on the button
dwell not upon those in darkened corridors who pull the strings
but keep perhaps in mind to be careful what you say in conversation
for will you really know who’s listening next time the phone rings?

Song Of The Day ~ The Wedding Present – Brassneck