Police helicopter snarls and roars
breaks the stillness of the night
the searchlight beam that pans the streets
picks out those who took to flight

do we know for whom they seek here
do we care about their fate
do we presume it’s lawless fools
that destroy our peace when it’s so late

Are we sated by the CCTV
that is ever present here
do we really believe only the bad
are the ones who have to fear?

Do you think that 40 days
is acceptable incarceration
for those deemed public enemies
without charge or explanation

or do you cling to fragile tenets
that you’ve not done any wrong
and that your passport will satisfy them
should they ask you to come along

regard those who before you
have felt such confidence
that it shouldn’t take too long
for them to prove their innocence

but you don’t have to be guilty
to constitute a threat
perhaps ‘cause of what you’re reading
or the people you have met

the helicopter passes now
wasn’t you that they were after
go back now to your TV drama or
sitcoms artificial laughter.

Song Of The Day ~ Mazzy Star – Into Dust