It remains a mystery to me
why anyone votes for BNP
as if Tories aren’t enough
with all their neo-fascist guff
and UKIP (the BNP in suits)
with their pseudo Anglo-Saxon roots
and now we have the England First
one can’t avoid but fear the worst
and Labour now move further right
than even Thatcher hoped they might
the Liberals ever on the fence
preaching to bourgeois “common sense”
Respect has no more unity
than a party whose only member’s me
the Greens who fail to comprehend
the money men have but one end

but no current change in government
will make those bastards represent
if voting made a change you see
they’d never entrust it to you and to me
they’re quite content just to line their pockets
whilst spending our taxes on ballistic rockets
and when we do run out of oil
what will we grow in poisoned soil
greenhouse effect and acid rain
more cheaper flights and far less trains
which government do you think it’ll be
that’ll make us pay for our A&E?
not to mention the age extensions
before we may hope to claim our pensions
so you can either sit scratching your arse
or try stopping this shit before it comes to pass

Song Of The Day ~ Don Thomas – Come On Train