Do not dream your life away
do not sit at home waiting
in self-imposed purgatory
the dungeon of mundaneity
tomorrow will never come
and break the tedium of today
today must be fixed first
for tomorrow to seem worth making it to

the television like a visual rusk
all content broken down for toothless digestion
the world ticks on oblivious
you are supposed to conform
make a difference, get up and start
today can be the first day of the rest of your life
if you choose to let it be

speak to people, you are not alone
others feel the same and are as frightened
needing some sense of benign coaxing
to make them believe it is safe to come out.
and then there are ‘the great unknowing’
the mass of those too blinkered to see it
or too selfish to care
mental drones carrying the yoke of indifference

some are perhaps already lost,
their souls harvested by the Gods of consumerism
believing they have ever had a choice
others long to believe in an alternative
but the message of uniformity is too pervasive
and they are cowed and numb
too tired to struggle, too resigned to care
but only for now

they are waiting, waiting for you to rise
then lines will be drawn
sides will be taken, and all will feel alive
some for the first time, others for the last
some will fight for freedom and justice
others are too scared of those concepts
no matter the outcome
right prevails for having, at that moment, an army to defend it

Song Of The Day ~ U2 – Unknown Caller