Another in an occasional series where I butcher a classic song all in the name of amateur political satire.  Some might say I will rot in hell for this.  Those who know me will tell you my place in the inferno had long since been assured!

Gordon Brown, complexion like slate
face as sour as a drunk with no mates
for this BA fight
he stands ‘gainst Unite
conservative clown that is Gordon Brown

Every election just like the last
the idiots forget transgressions past
now they’ll all think Dave
is the man who will save
their ring-wing towns from Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown dour old Scot
fit for government his party is not
and so parties war
for who will cut more than the
conservative clown that is Gordon Brown

There’s but a fag paper ‘tween him and Dave

Keir Hardy would spin in his grave

Song Of The Day ~ The Stranglers – Golden Brown