(To the tune of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues – with the usual apologies)

George’s in the Treasury
geeing up the cabinet
I’m on the pavement
thinking bout the government
the students in their Nike coats
placards up, pissed off
say that they’ve been ripped off
want their debts all paid off
look out kids
Uni’s something you did
God knows when
we will afford it again
Better shoot up to Scotland
where education’s still free
the man here in the mortar-board
has your university degree
wants nine grand down now
when you already pay three

Maggie comes out of hospital
glum faces over all
hoping that the next fall
might finally be fatal
country’s right-wing anyway
Maggie says she’s ok
after election in early May
orders from the USA
look out kids
don’t matter what you did
walk outta Millbank
news reporting of it stank
better stay away from police ranks
when they’ve just been outflanked
ship of truth has long sank
you don’t need to be a judge
to know someone’s gotta walk the plank

Get sick, fresher’s flu
hang around the SU
will you get your 2.2
try hard, gold starred
EDL, Daily Mail
get jailed, pay bail
join Daddy’s business if you fail
look out kids
you’re gonna get hit
by users, cheaters
election losers
hang around lecture theatres
teachers in academy school
lookin’ for a new fool
don’t follow leaders
watch the plight of ‘readers’

get born keep warm
designer pants, romance, circumstance
get stressed, pope blessed
pay to be a success
screw her, screw him, drunk yob
don’t open your gob
twenty years of debt for schooling
and they stick you in a dead-end job
look out kid
they keep it all hid
have a 2nd life on the internet
make yourself forget
the congenitally onset
of diseases which’ll beset
don’t wanna be a freak
you better not speak
might end up a Wikileak
the future’s really this bleak

Song Of The Day ~ Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues