There’s a chancellor who’s sure, all that glitters is gold,
and he’s buying us a highway to Hades
when we get there we’ll know, if the banks are all closed
that they pulled up the ladder behind them
ooh ooh buying us a highway to Hades

there’s a sign in the forecasts but he wants to be sure
cause you know sometimes figures have two meanings
in a department off whitehall there’s a civil servant who sings
sometimes all the economists are mistaken
ooh it makes me angry
ooh it makes me angry

there’s a feeling I lose when I watch all the news
and my spirit is crying for this country
in my thoughts I have seen golden parachutes for the mean
and few voices from those who stand looking
ooh it makes me angry
ooh it really makes me angry

and it’s whispered that soon we will not avoid the doom
and the papers will fuddle our reason
but a new day may dawn if we unify the throng
and the 99% will have victory

If there’s a picket at your workplace, don’t be alarmed now
it’s just the poor with no pensions
yes there were two paths we could have gone down but in the long run
there was no choice but to change the road we were on
and it made me angry

your money’s worthless and it’ll all go, in case you don’t know
the strikers are urging you to join them
politicians can you hear the battle cries, and did you realise
your highway leads you to guillotine

and as we career on down the road
our pride was gone but not our soul
there walked a spectre we all know
who wore black shirts and wants to show
how everyone just wants their gold
and if you protest very hard
the change will come to us at last
when we are one and one is all
to stand and fight not lie and fall

and we’ll send them on their highway to Hades

Song Of The Day ~ Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven