We went on strike we did

we went on strike for pensions
we went on strike we public servants
against the government’s intentions

We’ll fight the bloody cuts
we’ll fight the economic crisis
we’ll fight the cuts in public services
that mollify the rich list

We’ve suffered silently we have
we’ve suffered silently for years
we’ve suffered against our better judgement
because we’ve known nobody hears

We’ll not take it any more we won’t
We’ll not take your student fees
we’ll not take paying for tribunals
we are going to get up off our knees

We’ll protect our welfare state we will
we’ll protect it from the markets
we’ll protect the NHS and schooling
from your managers and targets

This society you’ve formed you have
this society’s not one of our choosing
this society has become a place
where the majority are losing

We do not have your tax exemption
we do not have your old school tie
we do not have your gold-plated pension
now we must work until we die

Stuff your bankers and your bailouts, stuff ‘em
stuff your paltry interest rates
stuff your rises in inflation
that more of your wealth creates

Beware the riots of the mob you should
beware us the 99 per cent
beware the jobless and the dispossessed
for each word I wrote we meant

~ Song Of The Day – Steve Miller Band – Take The Money And Run