Do you regret what you have lost when it’s you who seemed to throw away?
do you presume it might be there should you miss it another day?
do you worry for the pining and the disembowelment of regret?
do you crave some quick oblivion to help you to forget?

Was I wrong to let her go, I could not bear to see her sad?
was I wrong to think in time that I would for certain drive her mad?
was I wrong in thinking truly that my love must set her free?
was I wrong to think it best that she should no longer count on me?

Can I live with what I’ve done and will I ever feel again?
can I make it through the longing and the ever-biting yen
can I reconcile the weeping that it never came to pass?
can I console myself in knowing that she deserved a better class?

I can but hope in all the turmoil that she of all might find her peace
I can but hope that rid of me the negatives for her will cease
I can but hope the pain I’ve caused her returns to me where it belongs
I can but hope before my death I might atone for all those wrongs.

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