One year to the day I dared to dream
a Cheshire cat who got the cream
cross seas and thru where once was home
to Harbour Bridge and Opera dome

the day that passed will e’er reman
with vision of you just the same
the gentle touch surround my face
with glowing brush of softest grace

I pine for times between us close
and fight the demons most morose
to seek to look, perhaps to find
the happiness I left behind

for you the cause of so much joy
enlightened as you did this boy
who never felt now such the loss
where life reveals now sanded gloss

I pray you well my sweetheart fair
as I sit here and you lay there
in other life I hope to find
better circumstances us will bind

for now I can but weep, lament
whimper dark and malcontent
the world holds no more which to smile
the streets and screens no more beguile

without the dawn to hear your voice
an endless slumber would be choice
yet wake I do, albeit late
to drowsy frown and cursing fate

for in all I see and all I do
the constant essence hints of you
the anchors and routines I know
the signing off of love, Coco

Song Of The Day ~ Led Zeppelin – Thank You