memories through so much survived cannot the same way be revived
a soul that’s wounded, torn in twain will never heal to quite the same
a seam, a stich e’er out of place, occasional look on empty face
the hope, the dream’s cruel fall from grace, a heart’s faith all unseated

the fabric of constructed real that circumstance saw fit to steal
what once had seemed so set in stone recedes to lifetime spent alone
reluctant path henceforth to walk no capability left to talk
the nighttime shadows furtive stalk ’til very end of days

one day perhaps the torture halt and reconcile my line of fault
I’ll come at last at least accept within the world a slight connect
hardened towards fair innocence may be a fitful recompense
relinquishing the muscles tense though there will never be true peace

Song Of The Day ~ Visage – Fade To Grey