It has been a long journey back to here, whilst I have in many respects gone nowhere, physically, metaphorically and the rest. In my absence the weeds have grown up around the paths, the cobwebs are everywhere and there may even be the odd pane of glass broken. It does not feel at the moment like a wild pastured wasteland has grown in my stead more so the water has stagnated and the air is damp and musty. The place has an air of distress and neglect and mirrors very much the state of internal cognisance from which any colour in it had ever come. It is time to dust off, to get back to doing something which over many years brought much pleasure, some pain, the occasional friend, even the occasional enemy but most of all and most importantly was an expression, whether musing, crying or pontificating showed that there was life.

It is time to regain what was here, or at least to try. Like as not I will choose different decoration and style, maybe no longer feel comfortable and wish to move on, maybe the job of work that is at hand will be one that is too much for me to take on. There is much to be done to make the place feel right again, to make it reflect who I am rather than provide a snapshot of whom I was, it is a decision I will need to take because to leave things as they were has also a symmetry albeit one that is more in memoriam than ad infinitum. I am of course not the only one who went, my ability remained always that I had the option of returning, there were some who were not so lucky and there will need to be time to mourn them, some I know of, some I shall probably discover in time. It will be a sobering and perhaps difficult process and it has been a while since I have carried burdens well for reasons I may or may not ever get around to explaining.

We shall see. At least as things stand right now I can say – I am back.

Song Of The Day ~ Mistral – The Wanderer