Blogging may well be seen as hopelessly outdated in this more modern of worlds. Facebook is increasingly on the way out and the distilled banality of Twitter holds sway along with Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and the like.  I am not one for little snippets of information though perhaps there is something about the constancy of provision that would have been a help, I confess though the platforms always seemed rather more self-indulgent than anything else.  Blogging is a self-indulgent form to a degree I will admit but it is not the primary function, nor would I contend one that cannot be counteracted.

I have found a way to post again, still using the classic method which affords me a sense of not having to learn more to do comparatively little.  I remain committed to writing and have a head full of content though my ability to express it continues to be distinctly sketchy and haphazard.  The lack of consistency almost certainly renders this a lone voice in a wider wilderness but I hope to continue it just in case a lonely traveller might hear it now and again.

It would be easy to have a sense that I lost my way at a particular time but in reality I don’t think I’ve known the direction for a long period of time and coping with survival sometimes makes doing anything more than keeping going just seem too much work.  I know begin once again to see the need to try to regulate things in order to try to help myself because survival, whilst I have negotiated it to still be here has not been especially kind to the body or the mind and recent scares in health have required me to take some stock.  I would like to say there has been an epiphany and that it has precipitated a new verve and impetus but that is yet to happen, it is more about knowing that where I am now is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Where this leaves things is unclear, whether this becomes something that can be viewed in this format we will have to see but I know that without writing regularly I am unhappy and therefore this needs addressing with urgency.  With so many people falling casualty to global circumstances these days it would be the worst form of waste to fall casualty to things that should be within my control.  This sort of self-reflection is very easy, at least in comes so to me, it is the enacting it to create tangible difference that remains less simple as can be reasonably viewed through any trawl in the archives here.

It remains easy though to rattle through 500 words in a way that at school used to take days of thinking about and always seemed a lengthy task, of course there I was never given the option of just writing a record but instead needing to document matters of fact in areas in which I seldom had any interest. It is possible my writings now are no less turgid than they were then but at least I don’t have to take the parlous markings back to my parents in shame!

Stay safe out there.

Song Of The Day ~ The War On Drugs – Red Eyes