It wasn’t an easy decision to take really moving from a well-established site where I received over 350 hits a day. I mean I could port over all the blogs piece by piece, which is what I am doing, including all the comments, but you can’t get the hit counter and the ambience and take it with you. New layout, new widget structure which I still haven’t quite figured out yet, and everything starts again.

However this is how I started in 2004, it was merely somewhere for me to write, no obsession with statistics, no knowledge of anyone else who was doing it. This time I will, hopefully, be able to take some friends with me so it isn’t exactly Year Zero. I’m hoping it will make my writing honest again and reinvigorate me a bit. I’ve always been one that needed a shake-up every now and again.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of the writing, whilst the political stuff will either drive you to vitriolic criticism of my position or catatonic rage at the state of the world currently. I’m no more than a catalyst, like a repeater of a message that all is not well hoping that the ones who can help will hear it and galvanise the rest of us.