According to the little stats guru thingy there are some posts that generate a great deal more traffic than others.  In fact a couple generate more than almost everything else put together.  I thought I’d make a page up with the most common stuff just for an easy reference, like a digest version if you’re minded merely to get a flavour of what’s here.  You can choose to be lazy and not delve any further but I’d hope maybe like a good wikipedia entry it is merely something that will act as a conduit for more.

There is no question what my most popular post is and has been for some time. Snowden Mountain Railway Review from 2010, it has elicited 61 comments which may be more than most of my other entries combined!  It has been viewed over 24,000 times at the time of writing 20k more than the next most popular and although 10 years old was still the most viewed page last year.

I did a couple of reviews other than the railway, both of them on topics I would have thought would have been obscure, perhaps there is just not enough out there in cyberspace to provide competition for my entries.  Firstly a very beloved camera the Praktica BC1, a genuinely marvellous 35mm camera and well worth a buy 2nd hand should you want something to learn on or to teach your children. Secondly the very gritty German film Christiane F. based on the 1981 book Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhoff Zoo it describes the shocking heroin problem amongst young teenagers in West Berlin.

The most commonly viewed section is the series of Dodgy Album Covers.  Strange as it may seem there are a great many people seemingly foraging out there in the Blogosphere for this crazy perverted shit and who am I not to allow them to be warped by what they may find.  Horror movies not doing it any more for you, looking to feel some proper fear, pleasant dreams getting you down?  You’ve come to the right place.  Those of a more nervous disposition skip this section, seriously, there’s no going back once you’ve seen these, short of a lobotomy.

Redbaron’s Dodgy Album Covers Part 1 if those didn’t put you off enough then you are clearly already quite insane and may delight in Further Dodgy Album Covers .  Should your depravity really know no bounds, feel free to descend into the depths of Hell not one but two more times  Third Dodgy Album CoversFourth Dodgy Album Covers but on your own head be it!

I have always been one to wallow in a little nostalgia and my very occasional series There Yesterday, Gone Today probably needs looking at in order to chronicle the many places that will have fallen in recent times due to the Covid Pandemic.  So far there is only a Part 1 and a Part 2 but watch this space there may well appear more.  What has pleased me is that it has brought a small corner of the internet where the delights of a particular coffee house, local pub or pancake restaurant can be discussed amongst friends – and in a couple of cases from those who worked there.

Finally some of my political posts get the occasional hit, sadly I suspect more through their titles or perceived subject matter than their actual content but hey if one person has read them as a result then that has to be job done.  It might have been the primary function in a way of what I had wanted to write but then it is not for me to say what other people should read nor what they find interesting and in actual fact the other posts are probably more the sort to invite debate rather than digest a diatribe.

My post Cunts, Gaylords, Niggers, Pakis and Spastics which was about socio- and psycho-linguistics and political correctness but attracts people I suspect looking for dubious desi porn or the like.  My post on Hurricane Katrina, Katrina and the Colour Of Money, and my horror of how it was dealt with both before and subsequently also maintains a pretty healthy hit rate but that has tailed off just as newsworthy things so often do when the spotlight has receded.