On a number of occasions I write different things on the same theme which I try to group where possible in case someone wishes to focus on a particular area.  So here’s an easy repository for that.

Mediawatch Entries – Various topics discussing items in the media at the time.

Why Aren’t You Angry – Various topics that make my blood boil and lead me to ask if they do yours.

Future Shocks – An assessment of malign factors now which will have a profound effect on what is to come. (Written primarily between 2005-2008)

Hadrian’s Wall Walk (September 2011) – The march of the heroes!

G20 Protests (London – April 2011) –  Alternative G20 Summit University Of East London.

G8 Protests (Edinburgh/Auchterader – July 2005) – Make Poverty History March, Naming Of The Dead, Gleneagles Hotel.

Political Entries – A collection of any entries I’ve tagged under the category ‘political” so most of them then?!

Redbaron’s Selection Of Dodgy LPs (1 -6) – A (hopefully) humorous series of odd album covers and facetious comments pertaining to them.

Ex Blog-City – Entries from my former home (Jan 2004 – Apr 2008)