Extraordinary rendition and covert operations
homogeneity of news from the television stations
hegemony of politics drifting ever further right
policemen breaking doors down in the middle of the night

Hatred for asylum seeker and economic refugee
as the politicians fight for who is most like the BNP
Terrorism, Islam, slow pull-out from Iraq
but stop their oil again old son and you know that they’ll be back

Unemployment rising and the economic crunch
bank employees laid off with directors out to lunch
government pisses taxes in billions down the drain
and yet it still has not derailed their pension gravy train

The banking sector cancered by the tumor of its greed
whilst the great majority scratch around for no more than chicken feed
demonstrators asking for them to hear what we have said
the answer comes from police files as to why a man is dead

Labour and the Tories fighting over right-wing ground
and if you read the media you’d think there were no other sound
dissent consigned to history in this post-protesting age
newspapers running populist bile and adverts on every page

It’s time a new day dawned and we had a system we might trust
and one that comes before this one has reduced us all to dust
it’s not too late to make that change, remember Rosa Parks
proof if it were needed of when courage leaves its marks

And if you stand beside me friend you know we aren’t alone
and life for us is more than being a capitalist’s drone
the power we will have together brings the system to its knees
we can start by removing Sellafield and replacing it with trees

Song Of The Day – Portishead – Sour Times