numbersix_national.jpg Grand National 2006 – Baron Wins The National


Date: 8th April 2006   —   £1.00 bet   —   Other


Not literally of course but I picked the winner, twice! I entered a competition at work and selected Numbersixvalverde for a £1 stake which will yield £8. I traditionally put £1 on a horse to win the Grand National at the bookies and a 50p E/W bet on another horse to place. This year was no different, I decided that the winner of the Irish National was good enough for me and being a Cornish fan was enough for Cornish Rebel for a place.

It was a classic race, for about the first half I thought our horse had fallen because she wasn’t mentioned at all but towards the end she came into contention and at the final fence we started to get a little excited when she jumped into the lead ahead of the 2 favourites. From there on in it looked to all the world like a masterplan to sit at the back and come up at the end, full of running she beat all the rest by a few lengths, we were jumping around like idiots by then!

I got 11-1 for Numbersixvalverde which was pretty decent although had I managed to put the bet on Friday I’d have got 12-1 but hey ho. So the kids and I went along to pick up our £12 and we all had chow mein to celebrate. It’s ironic really, had I been a real gambler and chosen to wager the £250 I had to take out for my rent I would have won £3000 and my financial problems would be well on their way to sorted. Equally had I chosen to wager my rent money on the Grand National I would have been a twat! Anyway the chow mein was nice and for half an hour the kids and I got to celebrate and believe that we were part of the sport of kings. My daughter even asked what we were going to give the horse for winning for us, I thought that was rather sweet, she’s good like that.

The irony is that whilst I took a picture of my betting slip to post here I forgot to put a compact flash card in and so I don’t have proof, except in my mind and Ladbrokes account record, but I know it and so do the people at work whose money I will be taking soon!

Song Of The Day – The Thrills – One Horse Town

Original Comments:

baracuda made this comment,
Hurrah for numbersixvalverde
I had a few quid on him too.

comment added :: 10th April 2006, 01:58 GMT+01 ::
john made this comment,
Blimey ! £3 Baron. You mind that you don’t end up like Wayne Rooney. 😉
comment added :: 10th April 2006, 15:17 GMT+01 ::
sarah made this comment,
congratulations, my twin. i’m glad u didn’t wager your rent money, bit scary if that didn’t work out your way! and your daughters remark was adorable.
comment added :: 16th April 2006, 14:38 GMT+01
Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
still spending the winnings? you haven’t blogged for a while…
comment added :: 4th May 2006, 16:33 GMT+01